The Royal Hotel Eromanga


This is where I go after work to relax and mingle with the locals. This quaint pub has a lot of history and many stories to tell.

Look we have puddles.


We had 38mm of rain over 3 days great news for everyone and the wildlife and stock, some areas had 200mm, the droughts not broken but it sure brings relief.


Broken window.


We went for a drive 57 klm west of Eromanga and checked out this old rock and tin home that has been abandoned and flooded at some stage.This was taken looking from the inside looking out through a ¬†broken old window. We were hoping we didn’t come across any snakes when we entered.

There was lots of old cracked mud, birds nests some dead birds and a lot of character. close by is a creek and a set of cattle yards. with a lot of hard work it could be done up to a very unique house.

have a great day Callie





The outback from above.

133008_4678Come Mid January I have accepted a new job offer in Eromanga, “The furtherest town from the sea”.I will be Co managing a motel /restaurant/Post office and caravan Park. The P.O. will also be a gallery where I will be able to display and sell my work. Looks like Im drawn to the red dirt,heat and flies in the outback, no sea breezes out there. The town consists of approx 30 people on a good day, and 31 once I arrive, there are more emus wandering the streets than people.