Sleeping under the stars.



Another image on the day I left, I needed to stop and say goodbye to my mate Norm,so I snapped a few shots whilst there.This is the ringers(cowboys) sleeping arrangements whilst they are out at camp mustering, they roll their swags out on the wire beds and sleep under the masses of stars. A simple and uncomplicated lifestyle.

Leaving the station.



I left the station on the 25th September about 7:30am and the guys were mustering the cattle,as we got close to the yards the cattle were on the move and I captured this image with the early sunlight behind the cattle and the rising dust,A scene I wont get to see for some time (I think).

The night before leaving, all the guys from Durham came over to Woomanooka to say good bye,it was lovely,Cobby (the manager) made a lovely speach and presented me with a beautiful book on SK Kidman,with lots of history  and very old photos and clippings which means a lot to me and my boss Stuie gave me a beautiful RM Williams leather handbag,I was very touched by their kindness and I will dearly miss my life in the outback and all the terrific people I met.

Horse education school.


For the next 2 1/2 days the ringers are having a horse handleing and education course.I am feeding them smoko, lunch and dinner so I dont have alot of time to take photos, but I get a few when I was down there.

We had 4mm od rain last night….YEHA

Still no rain.

Still no rain:

The earth is starting to crack and crumble, the dams are drying up, the channels are empty and some paddocks are bare and starting to show the exposed rocks and barren earth.
The cattle are starting to require assistance with food and water,the droving begins; moving them to better  paddocks,which have been rested and still have feed.


The Cooper rises.


The Channel Country features an arid landscape with a series of ancient flood plains from rivers which only flow intermittently. The principal rivers are Georgina, Cooper creek and the Diamantina River. When there is sufficient rainfall in their catchment area these rivers flow into Lake Eyre,S.A.. In most years the flood waters are absorbed into the earth or evaporate.The Channel Country is region of outback Australia located mostly in the state of Queensland but also in portions of South Australia, Northern Territory and New South Wales


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