Publication IN RM Williams Magazine.

Three Of my images from Eromanga are being published in the RM Williams “Outback Magazine” this months. The images are taken at Eromanga and they are to accompany a story about  Eromanga. I am very privileged to have images published in this high quality and very Australian Mag.and to be paid is an added bonus.This is not one of the images in the magazine.IMG_1381

The ancient rock


This large rock was dug out with the largest dinosaur found in Australia.The dinosaurs are on a property close to Eromanga, they are starting a new dig soon to discover more finding. It is so amazing that something that old still exists today/

The land of the dinosaur.

2013 06 23_4282This is on the way to Durham downs station, the hills in the distance is where I live.They have found dinosaurs out close to here and when you loook across the open plains you can imagine them wandering around in the huge open spaces.

In The Australia Outback

On the weekend 3 of us from the station went to Quilpie show for the weekend,which is a 4 hour drive, great to get away.

Eromanga is 2.5 hours from where we live and it is the furtherest town from the sea in Australia, They have also found alot of dinosaurs around this area.