Outback scene

On Saturday I went for a drive to check dams,bores and windmills as the heat is rising into the 40’s and the water supply is starting to dry up and cattle may need to be moved.

We travelled over 200 klm and only covered less than 1/4 of the property, we left at 8:30 am and returned at 5pm. It was amazing to see the unique and forever changing landscape and the vast endless views.


Long and winding road.

©Callie Codd Photography

I spent hours out on this road waiting for the moon to rise above a red sand dune and unfortunately the moving clouds covered the moon. I was lucky enough to have the company of a friend and a few drinks.Fortunately I captured two images in between the rolling clouds.

It was very dark by the time I headed home and having a night vision problem I took a wrong turn,I though mmmm this doesn’t look right, so eventually turned back and radioed up and asked for some assistance.It is a vast place with many roads in all direction. I eventually made it home.