I have recently been to Melbourne to visit my daughter, we did a bit of the tourist scene, we went to the Zoo I  don’t know why I did this but we left on a downer really as the animals all looked so sad. I suppose I have to look at it as; by going there hopefully the money to get in takes care of these magic animals. I love all animals and I would prefer to see them in there natural habitat.

Clinging on for life.



Whilst cleaning the pool, 2 insects clung to the dead stickinsect to survive,nature is amazing. You will be glad to know I saved them from drowning.




Whilst in Sydney we went to a small Zoo and saw these absolutely gorgeous Mia cats,they are soooo cute and inquisitive. I would prefer to see them in their own natural environment, not in small enclosures and zoo’s.

High in the sky.

133008_4035I was lucky enough to get to go up in the station plane with Harry our pilot. We flew for 1 1/2 hours over the property check waters as dams are drying up and feed is diminishing.

This amazing rugged landscape is truely amazing,and the eternal expansive view goes on and on……