Leaving the station.



I left the station on the 25th September about 7:30am and the guys were mustering the cattle,as we got close to the yards the cattle were on the move and I captured this image with the early sunlight behind the cattle and the rising dust,A scene I wont get to see for some time (I think).

The night before leaving, all the guys from Durham came over to Woomanooka to say good bye,it was lovely,Cobby (the manager) made a lovely speach and presented me with a beautiful book on SK Kidman,with lots of history  and very old photos and clippings which means a lot to me and my boss Stuie gave me a beautiful RM Williams leather handbag,I was very touched by their kindness and I will dearly miss my life in the outback and all the terrific people I met.

High in the sky.

133008_4035I was lucky enough to get to go up in the station plane with Harry our pilot. We flew for 1 1/2 hours over the property check waters as dams are drying up and feed is diminishing.

This amazing rugged landscape is truely amazing,and the eternal expansive view goes on and on……

Ringers learn the ropes.

20130714_170120130714_164820130714_168420130714_1742Over the weekend we all travelled to Noccoundra for the yearly Gymkhana. They held a workshop for the ringers in handling cattle and how to avoid being injured when the cattle charge.They had Brahman weaners who are usually the ones that become aggressive and will often charge.

They enticed the cattle to charge and learnt to step to the side to avoid being hit and learnt not to run as you cant watch the beast from behind.
When they process the cattle in the yards they often have injuries due to the cattle rubbing them up,so hopefully from what they have learnt they will be able to avoid getting hurt.

Working dogs

20130606_9756Blondy and Commet are really starting to work well with the cattle, they are both Kooloie’s. Blondy has ice blue eyes, they have the nicest nature when at home and work well with the cattle. Commet isnt 12 months old yet and is learning very fast.