The black sheep of the family.

IMG_2022This sheep is owned by the local school teacher, she has a huge black dog and the sheep, she brings them to school in a trailer, both tied up together…. they obviously escaped to get a bit of the nice green grass since the rain, I go around the back and here is the big black dog and the sheep, the husband of the teacher came to pick them up the dog jumped in the back of the ute and the sheep followed along behind.they are great friends go everywhere together. The teacher has 4 students at the school all different ages all in primary school, once they hit high school they go to boarding school. The local copper is going to do some sport with them so that will be great for the kids. Its amazing in small communities how they miss out on so much but everyone helps out to give them the best they can have in their remote and unique way of life.

The Royal Hotel Eromanga


This is where I go after work to relax and mingle with the locals. This quaint pub has a lot of history and many stories to tell.

Thirsty Kangaroo.


This image was taken a couple of weeks ago, the poor skinny roo drinks from the water hole that is slowly drying up. The animals in the area are all so weak and skinny, the sheep and cattle are just bags of bones foraging on leaves and dead grass, the emus and roo’s are weak and slow and  dying where they lay. The dingos,wild cats and eagles are thriving on the weak and fragile livestock that remain.

Last night we had a storm and this morning the rain looks like its set in for a few days. oh I hope so. This will bring great relief to the farmers, animals and this harsh environment.


Broken window.


We went for a drive 57 klm west of Eromanga and checked out this old rock and tin home that has been abandoned and flooded at some stage.This was taken looking from the inside looking out through a  broken old window. We were hoping we didn’t come across any snakes when we entered.

There was lots of old cracked mud, birds nests some dead birds and a lot of character. close by is a creek and a set of cattle yards. with a lot of hard work it could be done up to a very unique house.

have a great day Callie





Outback sunrise.


This image was taken as the sun rose early, the clouds created a stunning cloud formation and colours.I was taking this facing East,on the left is the IOR refinery and the palm tree is part of where I work.I have taken some new images but haven’t edited or looked at them yet.

cheers all have a great day missing seeing all your wonderful images stories and poems

Just a tease.


A storm brews, the heat builds and oh wow, about 2ml of rain, what a disappointment.I have finally had enough patients to sit here and load a photo, we are finding between 3 – 5 pm the internet is slightly faster., about as fast as a snail with a broken shell that it drags along behind it….