Discover the hidden secrets of the Australian Out Back.

Ausway Tours are working on upcoming Tours for 2018 -19. Discover the amazing Australian outback, a journey to the centre of Australia where roads are long, towns are small but the hearts of the people who live in theses regions are huge. The contrasting colours of the outback are truly unique and the sunsets are breathtaking. Some of our new tours will be created for artists and photographers to discover the secrets of Australia and capture and reproduce these amazing areas.

The Australian outback displays extreme contrasts with the rich vivid colours and extreme rough textures.

I love Australia


High in the sky.

133008_4035I was lucky enough to get to go up in the station plane with Harry our pilot. We flew for 1 1/2 hours over the property check waters as dams are drying up and feed is diminishing.

This amazing rugged landscape is truely amazing,and the eternal expansive view goes on and on……


Yesterday I drove to Jackson oil mine to pick up fruit and veg supplies. It was a 2 hour drive and a new area to visit and an outing for the day.

Along thje way I took some images. The images are the enterance to the property where I am working.The property is aprox 3,000,000 acres, huge.

The vast landscape is quite stunning with flat ground and flat topped hills in the back ground. The red dirt is amazing and sets a great contrast to the blue skys.