Todays baking.

Today I have baked imposible pie and coffee and caramel slice.

Im certainly no gourmet chef but they havent complained yet. People that know me, are amazed that im cooking…me too

I have also cooked silverside, thats from scratch from making the salty brine to cooking. What a learning experience.

I love to learn and Im certainly doing that out here.

Waiting for that phone call.

I wait patiently for that phone call;

 As my referee checks are being carried out,

 then hopefully my journey begins…..YE HA!!!!

Please cross your fingers for my new job and exciting journey and some amazing, unique photography of the outback in Australia in the dessert country.

If I get the job I will be taking busy Bill the dog and he will turn into “Busy Bill In The Bush”.

I will be sooooo excited if I get the job.

Keep tuned to see what happens,There will be Champaigne all round.