Dingo’s dinner

20130622_0302I went to pick up our fruit and veg supplies and came across the dead kangaroo and the wild dog, this dingo obviously is crossed with a dog. I got out of the car and got quite close and it didnt run away,just off the side of the road where 2 wedgetail eagles waiting for there piece of the dinner.

Dingo near my door.

Sorry the image is so bad, but it was very early and still dark, the stars were still out, I had to use a really high ISO and the flash on my camera and hope the dingo didnt disapear before I was able to get the camera.

I was aprox 30 metres away and it just stood there staring at me and was in no hurry to go away.
The 3 little pigs chased it away, (my good little guard pigs) it is getting very game to get as close as it got.