Eromanga The Furthest Town From The Sea

IMG_1610Eromanga is the furthest town from the sea if you used a compass, the town consists of 30 residence including the kids. The area survives on sheep and cattle and mining. The is a motel,pub and a tiny museum and and 1 policeman.The sunrise and sunsets are just incredible so vibrant. A place in the middle of no where. The people are what make this place the people are true and I hope they aren’t suffering to bad with the drought.

Look we have puddles.


We had 38mm of rain over 3 days great news for everyone and the wildlife and stock, some areas had 200mm, the droughts not broken but it sure brings relief.


Still no rain.

Still no rain:

The earth is starting to crack and crumble, the dams are drying up, the channels are empty and some paddocks are bare and starting to show the exposed rocks and barren earth.
The cattle are starting to require assistance with food and water,the droving begins; moving them to better  paddocks,which have been rested and still have feed.