The Cooper rises.


The Channel Country features an arid landscape with a series of ancient flood plains from rivers which only flow intermittently. The principal rivers are Georgina, Cooper creek and the Diamantina River. When there is sufficient rainfall in their catchment area these rivers flow into Lake Eyre,S.A.. In most years the flood waters are absorbed into the earth or evaporate.The Channel Country is region of outback Australia located mostly in the state of Queensland but also in portions of South Australia, Northern Territory and New South Wales


Information from Wikipedia

Severe Storms lashed Noosa coast last night.

Water logged lawn

About 7pm thunder and electrifying lightning leashed its fury at the coast, creating havoc and flash flooding.

where I am staying the pool overflowed and water couldnt get away, It was hours of sweeping water away so it didn’t enter the premises. In 2 hours 250ml fell relentlessly from the thunderous skies, and continued raining for at least another hour.

Others had water logged cars that had to be left on the side of the road.

Early at 6am this morning some roads where still cut, with debris scattered and left behind by natures ferocity.


ROAD CLOSED-Mary street at 6:30 am this morning.