Bitumen ends and dirt begins.

133008_4584This point on the road you go straight and take the dirt road for another 60km.When I leave the coast and come out here it is 1400 km to this point and then the 60 km of dirt. The dirt can be rough and  rocky untill you get close to where I live and then it becomes vivid red sand.

High in the sky.

133008_4035I was lucky enough to get to go up in the station plane with Harry our pilot. We flew for 1 1/2 hours over the property check waters as dams are drying up and feed is diminishing.

This amazing rugged landscape is truely amazing,and the eternal expansive view goes on and on……

Getting closer to the flock.


I am getting closer to the Corella’s, I ended up following them up the paddock, I had my rural boots on (thongs) and got huge burrs through my thongs, but I continued on very quietly and managed to capture a few more images of these beautiful Birds. If you notice the pink and grey bird amongst them, that is a Galah.

Copy right Callie C. Photography

First aid course.

Yesterday we had to go over to Durham Downs Station to do our first aid. At  present it is a 2.5 hour drive to get there from here, so they sent the company plane to pick us up, wow how good was that, the plane is a 4 seater and they use the plane for mustering the cattle, plus helicopters.

We left just after sun rise and arrived in approx 10 min, the country is stunning and even from the air the vast landscape is a visual eternity.As we got closer to Durham downs, it is in the Channel country, where the water lays, creates a maze of patterns and carving in the earth below, it was amazing and very beautiful.Very evident as to why it is called it the  Channel country.

We stayed at Durham for the day and finished our first aid ,we had a lovely lunch and met some new people. Whilst we were there the mail plane came and dropped off our weekly mail, it comes every Wednesday and it was like Christmas, I had 2 parcels thanks to my parents and sister, real coffee,a plunger,green curry,pegs,new jumper oh and the note pad, and lots more…… thank you.

We returned to Woomanooka Station in the afternoon and I prepared an easy dinner of steak, salad and Dianne sauce.