Spirit House Yandina


Today I had an amazing afternoon and the most delicious lunch at the Spirit House restaurant, at Yandina Sunshine Coast. The tranquil setting is outstanding and the company was amazing.

This restaurant has Thai cuisine of a very high standard.

Our supplies have arrived.

20130616_001620130616_001920130616_002820130616_0029Station life.

Our food supplies come every 3 months (Hopefully).The food is ordered in Brisbane  and comes to Quilpie by rail, then some one from the station drives the horse truck in and picks up the pallets of food. Quilpie is about a 4 hour drive and whilst they are in town they buys other things that are required for the station.We were all excited about it arriving as our stores were very low and cooking was becoming quite a challenge.4 of us unpacked the supplies and packed them in the store room.I live 30 min drive from the main station,its like an outing for me to go over there.

Camp Cooks kitchen.

Due to the size of this property(where I work) some of these cooking utensils in this photo are still used. The guys here go out and muster for upto 3 weeks at a time,the  camp cook goes out with them, He provides there meals,moves the camp to the next location and has a fire with the billy boiling and cooks in a camp oven over the hot coals.

He bakes the best damper I have ever tried, and they say he makes baked dinners to die for.
 They sleep under the stars in swags,s and enjoy what nature provides, which can be better that what man has created.