First Light at Eromanga.


I have just been going through my old images from just over 12 months ago and found a few I hadn’t edited.This is from Eromanga the furthest town from the sea.There are 3 things I love from the outback,

1: the magic colours

2: the people

3: the simplicity of life

Publication IN RM Williams Magazine.

Three Of my images from Eromanga are being published in the RM Williams “Outback Magazine” this months. The images are taken at Eromanga and they are to accompany a story about  Eromanga. I am very privileged to have images published in this high quality and very Australian Mag.and to be paid is an added bonus.This is not one of the images in the magazine.IMG_1381

“Barbie” the outback Elder.


Barbie is an indigenous elder, she works for Santos (mining Company). Her role is to find sacred sites and artefacts that belong to the indigenous people of Australia.It is a very important that people like Barbie and others preserve the history of the Australian indigenous culture.