Publication IN RM Williams Magazine.

Three Of my images from Eromanga are being published in the RM Williams “Outback Magazine” this months. The images are taken at Eromanga and they are to accompany a story about  Eromanga. I am very privileged to have images published in this high quality and very Australian Mag.and to be paid is an added bonus.This is not one of the images in the magazine.IMG_1381

Clinging on for life.



Whilst cleaning the pool, 2 insects clung to the dead stickinsect to survive,nature is amazing. You will be glad to know I saved them from drowning.


The black sheep of the family.

IMG_2022This sheep is owned by the local school teacher, she has a huge black dog and the sheep, she brings them to school in a trailer, both tied up together…. they obviously escaped to get a bit of the nice green grass since the rain, I go around the back and here is the big black dog and the sheep, the husband of the teacher came to pick them up the dog jumped in the back of the ute and the sheep followed along behind.they are great friends go everywhere together. The teacher has 4 students at the school all different ages all in primary school, once they hit high school they go to boarding school. The local copper is going to do some sport with them so that will be great for the kids. Its amazing in small communities how they miss out on so much but everyone helps out to give them the best they can have in their remote and unique way of life.

Leaving the station.



I left the station on the 25th September about 7:30am and the guys were mustering the cattle,as we got close to the yards the cattle were on the move and I captured this image with the early sunlight behind the cattle and the rising dust,A scene I wont get to see for some time (I think).

The night before leaving, all the guys from Durham came over to Woomanooka to say good bye,it was lovely,Cobby (the manager) made a lovely speach and presented me with a beautiful book on SK Kidman,with lots of history  and very old photos and clippings which means a lot to me and my boss Stuie gave me a beautiful RM Williams leather handbag,I was very touched by their kindness and I will dearly miss my life in the outback and all the terrific people I met.