Bitumen ends and dirt begins.

133008_4584This point on the road you go straight and take the dirt road for another 60km.When I leave the coast and come out here it is 1400 km to this point and then the 60 km of dirt. The dirt can be rough and  rocky untill you get close to where I live and then it becomes vivid red sand.

Outback sign.

20120513_9216 20120513_922120120511_9514Last year on our way to Birdsville we stopped at this sign post.When travelling in the outback care needs to be taken when travelling.

 Essentials to take with you are: spare tyres,water,2 wayradio/or Sat phone, ,extra fuel and move off the road for the huge road trains as they cant move off the roads.
The endless view makes you realise what a big country we live in.