Discover the hidden secrets of the Australian Out Back.

Ausway Tours are working on upcoming Tours for 2018 -19. Discover the amazing Australian outback, a journey to the centre of Australia where roads are long, towns are small but the hearts of the people who live in theses regions are huge. The contrasting colours of the outback are truly unique and the sunsets are breathtaking. Some of our new tours will be created for artists and photographers to discover the secrets of Australia and capture and reproduce these amazing areas.

The Australian outback displays extreme contrasts with the rich vivid colours and extreme rough textures.

I love Australia


Oh How I miss this place

20130428_8487Isn’t it funny when Im at the coast I miss the outback desert and when Im in the outback I miss the coast.Mind you I see beauty where ever I am, as nature is an amazing.

Outback sunrise.


This image was taken as the sun rose early, the clouds created a stunning cloud formation and colours.I was taking this facing East,on the left is the IOR refinery and the palm tree is part of where I work.I have taken some new images but haven’t edited or looked at them yet.

cheers all have a great day missing seeing all your wonderful images stories and poems

Just a tease.


A storm brews, the heat builds and oh wow, about 2ml of rain, what a disappointment.I have finally had enough patients to sit here and load a photo, we are finding between 3 – 5 pm the internet is slightly faster., about as fast as a snail with a broken shell that it drags along behind it….

The outback from above.

133008_4678Come Mid January I have accepted a new job offer in Eromanga, “The furtherest town from the sea”.I will be Co managing a motel /restaurant/Post office and caravan Park. The P.O. will also be a gallery where I will be able to display and sell my work. Looks like Im drawn to the red dirt,heat and flies in the outback, no sea breezes out there. The town consists of approx 30 people on a good day, and 31 once I arrive, there are more emus wandering the streets than people.