Look at the flies!!!

Look at the flies!!!

This image was taken over the weekend, they had a horse breaking school for 3 days.It was amazing to see these wild horses broken in with kindness and patience.The flies were unbelievably bad,as I captured this image the sun was starting to set and the light has captured all the flies.They annoyed all of us.

Track Restrictions at Innamincka

Australian Explorers:

Burke’s grave is 11 km from Innamincka township.

In 1860–61,Robert OHara Burke and William John Wills led an expedition of 19 men with the intention of crossing Australia from Melbourne in the south to the Gulf of Carpentaria in the north, a distance of around 3,250 kilometres (approximately 2,000 miles).At that time most of the inland of Australia had not been explored by non-indigenous people and was completely unknown to the European settlers.

The south-north leg was successfully completed (except that they were stopped by swampland 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) from the northern coastline), but owing to poor leadership and bad luck, both of the expedition’s leaders died on the return journey. Altogether, seven men lost their lives, and only one man, John King, crossed the continent with the expedition and returned alive to Melbourne. ( Information came from wikipedia)