Bitumen ends and dirt begins.

133008_4584This point on the road you go straight and take the dirt road for another 60km.When I leave the coast and come out here it is 1400 km to this point and then the 60 km of dirt. The dirt can be rough and  rocky untill you get close to where I live and then it becomes vivid red sand.

Long and winding road.

©Callie Codd Photography

I spent hours out on this road waiting for the moon to rise above a red sand dune and unfortunately the moving clouds covered the moon. I was lucky enough to have the company of a friend and a few drinks.Fortunately I captured two images in between the rolling clouds.

It was very dark by the time I headed home and having a night vision problem I took a wrong turn,I though mmmm this doesn’t look right, so eventually turned back and radioed up and asked for some assistance.It is a vast place with many roads in all direction. I eventually made it home.

My Journey

My trip to the Wild West to work on a cattle station.

My first day I left Noosa at about 7:30 am and arrived at Roma at  about 4pm, Billy the dog was so well behaved I thought I must have the wrong dog with me. I pulled into a motel and asked did they have a room available? This is when I found out that the place is thriving and manic and No they had no accomadation  they told me I wouldnt get any where to stay,so went to the tourist imformation centre and she rang around and I got the last room in the entire place and that was only because someone luckily cancelled. So for $120 a night in a cabin at a caravan park on the outskirts of town No A/C .

So if you are going in this direction be sure to book before hand.

The image I have here is taken the next day on the way to Charliville, searing heat, lots of road kill,(Kangaroos, Emus and Pigs) millions of crows, by the end of the trip I really got to appreciate the crows as they eat the road kill, so I could all ways tell there was something on the road to avoid,so I could slow down and not hurt my little car.

The roads were ok, miles of bitumen , not a sole to be seen for many, many miles.

On my second day I arrived in Quilpie.