These poor Orangutangs were so bored at the zoo at Melbourne,they were obviously well cared for and the environment was very clean but it was so sad to see these animals need to be free.If they need to be captured for there safety they enclosures need to provide a life close to what they are accustomed to..

My daughter wrote this yesterday – so true so sad and so nice!

Yesterday I witnessed a truly moving moment between two strangers on the street. A homeless man approached a lady dressed in corporate office attire and mumbled at her in an incoherent and almost crazed manner, all the while shivering in the cold night air. Most people walked a far distance around him and avoided eye contact. This lady however, took out some money and gave it to him, then proceeded to carefully button up his old and worn out coat. She re arranged his scarf so it was snug around his neck. She then wrapped her arms around him and gave him a warming and genuine hug. This was such a kind gesture. This simple and heart warming act demonstrates how important it is that we all have a collective responsibility in society to re evaluate the way we interact with human beings who are less fortunate than ourselves and not demoralise them by pretending they don’t exist. Soz for the rant.0407_1757