Crazy amazing Sport

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These guys are truly amazing and yes a little bit mad, the 360 degrees turns were so incredible as Im sure these jet skis weigh a lot.

I love photographing extreme sports as its a bit of a challenge to get the image sharp at such speed.

Perfect 360 Spin

big surf_2602_5055This 360 spin was amazedly perfect, I always thought of jet ski’s as noisy machines but I have a different opinion now I can’t believe what they can do.

Yaraka Gymkhana.

The Yaraka gymkhana.


Over my weekend off I went to this gymkhana, just outside the small town of Yaraka. A fun packed crowd of ringers and others from the outback competed in horse and motorbike events.

The skill on the motor bikes start from a very young age,the kids where so cute and were given lots of encouragement.

The young ringers show great skill on the motor bikes, unfortunately we missed the horse events.