Eli Creek

Eli Creek is the largest creek on the east coast of the island with a flow of 80 million litres per day of water , the crystal clear water is certainly a refreshing site on a hot day. The water flows into the ocean and has created a gully.

This island has so much to offer from the stunning coast line,fresh water creeks,rain forests and the beautiful King Fisher Bay Resort.

Mapleton Falls

we visited the beautiful Mapleton falls,we went on a nature walk through the canopy of the rain forest, listening to the waterfall and the abundant birdlife.

Tiger lurking in the back ground.


This is one of the scenes that really upset me when I went to the zoo in Melbourne,The tigers were so agitated pacing back and forward. They looked extremely well cared for but the boredom must drive them insane, it would be like us being locked up in jail, not that I know the answer, but bigger enclosures would be an ideal start.



I have recently been to Melbourne to visit my daughter, we did a bit of the tourist scene, we went to the Zoo I  don’t know why I did this but we left on a downer really as the animals all looked so sad. I suppose I have to look at it as; by going there hopefully the money to get in takes care of these magic animals. I love all animals and I would prefer to see them in there natural habitat.

Noosa from above


Today has been the most magic day, my daughter gave me a gift voucher for mothers day to go flying on Paradise sea plane and I added a few more $$  to fly with no doors and fly from Maroochy river to Noosa. Last night it was raining, they were forecasting that the weather should be good, and it was better than good it was perfect.

The pilot was fantastic and allowing me to take shots over Peregian Springs as well. I was really happy with many that I have edited , many more to go. I can highly recommend doing this Joy flight if you live at the Sunshine Coast or plan to visit the area.You will love it!!