Yaraka Landscape

20130629_1042I have returned from my well deserved weekend away.

We went to Longreach,(close to 8 hour drive) we stopped for lunch at the Windorah pub,just pulled up across the road from Windorah pub and the local policeman pulled up in front of me and I thought OH NO what have I done or what is wrong with my car???, and he got out and said “who is the photographer?” (as I have it on my car) that’s me….¬†he wanted to find out about using his camera in manual, so we yarned for half hour.


Whilst in Longreach I went for a 2.5 hour drive to Yaraka, there was a gymkhana on, the landscape was stunning and there was a look out on one of the  mountains and the view was amazing. Im hoping to return for a weekend and camp under the stars and take some pics.