These poor Orangutangs were so bored at the zoo at Melbourne,they were obviously well cared for and the environment was very clean but it was so sad to see these animals need to be free.If they need to be captured for there safety they enclosures need to provide a life close to what they are accustomed to..

Tiger lurking in the back ground.


This is one of the scenes that really upset me when I went to the zoo in Melbourne,The tigers were so agitated pacing back and forward. They looked extremely well cared for but the boredom must drive them insane, it would be like us being locked up in jail, not that I know the answer, but bigger enclosures would be an ideal start.



I have recently been to Melbourne to visit my daughter, we did a bit of the tourist scene, we went to the Zoo I ¬†don’t know why I did this but we left on a downer really as the animals all looked so sad. I suppose I have to look at it as; by going there hopefully the money to get in takes care of these magic animals. I love all animals and I would prefer to see them in there natural habitat.



Whilst in Sydney we went to a small Zoo and saw these absolutely gorgeous Mia cats,they are soooo cute and inquisitive. I would prefer to see them in their own natural environment, not in small enclosures and zoo’s.