8 thoughts on “Water tanks

  1. Our first house had two large water tanks. The water was beautiful. We moved in the the 1970s and moved out in the late 1980s. The new owners very foolishly removed the tanks when the mains water was put on. Not long after the longest drought in our history started. All over the state people started putting in rainwater tanks to trap the precious water and these people pulled out tanks that would hold 4000 gallons and would fill up on any decent rainy day.

    1. yes water is precious,and having rain water is lovely. These 2 tanks run the station, it is for showers,lawns etc and it gets pumped up by a windmill from the river.
      We have very little rain out here,so those tanks are purely for drinking and cooking only. We are on the edge of the desert.
      Cheers Callie

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