7 thoughts on “Innamincka Races

  1. I rode the winner here in this photo it was the first time I had ridden in a race for over 15yrs. I won this race before in 1991 on a mare called Warrondi it was run over 1750m back then & 1400m here on this occasion. It was a much bigger event back then as you could start your horses here & then start them a week later in Birdsville. Now under the rules of racing in SA if you start your horse at a amateur meeting it’s band from racing at a registered meeting for life & it was here at Innamincka that the course of this rule being applied as a horse raced & won the cup under a false name & yes there was money involved. The horses name here was They shall not pass. He won it very easy coming from last at the top of the strait carrying 78kg

    1. Congrats on your win,especially after 15 years, and thanks for all the info of racing in SA, I had a great day there, I was working at the outstation of Durham Downs “Woomanooka” and we went over for the races. If you would like a print done of this special moment please email me at callie.c.photography@hotmail.com and I will get one printed for you.I thought a good name would be “eat my dust”
      cheers Callie

      1. Thanks that would be great. I have a bunch of negitives from 1991 that a reporter from the advitizer of that cup win. A horse that was also in that race is now a famous stallion. He was a crack race horse on his way to Birdsville his name was King maker. He should have won it but you got it. The dust is a killer. Thanks

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