Yaraka Landscape

20130629_1042I have returned from my well deserved weekend away.

We went to Longreach,(close to 8 hour drive) we stopped for lunch at the Windorah pub,just pulled up across the road from Windorah pub and the local policeman pulled up in front of me and I thought OH NO what have I done or what is wrong with my car???, and he got out and said “who is the photographer?” (as I have it on my car) that’s me…. he wanted to find out about using his camera in manual, so we yarned for half hour.


Whilst in Longreach I went for a 2.5 hour drive to Yaraka, there was a gymkhana on, the landscape was stunning and there was a look out on one of the  mountains and the view was amazing. Im hoping to return for a weekend and camp under the stars and take some pics.


15 thoughts on “Yaraka Landscape

  1. Callee, I remember Longreach from my younger days. I lived in Emerald as a kid…and it seemed to take forever to get to LR. I’d love to go back again to see the Qantas museum.
    This is a wonderful image and I love your vantage point also. Stunning scenery.
    Funny story about the policeman.. Photographers unite 🙂

    1. Oh some that understands where Im talking about and to understand the distance to get anywhere in the outer region of Qld. Yes I missed out on going to the Qantas museum, I went to the hall of fame which was very interesting.Id love to go back and go on the horse drawn wagon and see some other things in the area.
      cheers Callie

      1. Yes I get it. It is such a vast area.
        Hard to explain really if you haven’t experienced those long trips.
        Not sure what its like now, but in those days the roads were all red dust! It went everywhere.
        Hope you do get to go back someday.
        You’ve recorded some wonderful images and memories of the area 🙂

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